34. Journey Back

The unreserved compartment was packed with people. There was no room to lie down. All sleepers were filled with people. There were more than six people on the lower berth. Four on the top berth. They were all slouching and sitting. Manoj requested a few people and got two seats for Yashodhara and Rekha. He […]

33. Mumbai

The men certainly looked like goons. But they had luggage with them. He did not want to perturb Yeshu or Rekha. He continued walking but kept an eye on them. He did not even convey anything about this to Babloo. They continued walking and started descending the stairs to platform no. 7. The train was […]

32. Journey Back

Manoj climbed into the bus and took the seat behind Yashodhara and Rekha. The bus was not full. It was very late in the night. Obviously people in this small village did not travel to Marwar Junction so late. It was the last bus for the night. The next bus was in the morning. Rekha […]

31. Run

They passed the cowshed and moved into the fields. There were crops of mustard seeds all over the fields. Babloo was walking very fast and Manoj was following him but Yashodhara and Rekha were not able to keep pace. They were struggling. Yashodhara was not able to walk as fast as the men and she […]

30. Consciousness

“Amma, amma, can you hear me. Just move a finger or your eyelid, or anything if you can hear me. Please amma.” Revathi was holding her mother’s hand and begging for her to respond. The doctor had allowed Revathi into the ICU and told her strictly that you can be inside for not more than […]

29. Escape

Yashodhara returned to the house and called Babloo. “There are some people watching us from the fields. Just find out who they are. And call Manojji into the house. I need to talk to him.” Babloo went to the back of the house to check on the intruders. He came back after several minutes and […]

28. Coma

Just then the doctor walked in. Revathi rushed to meet him. “Doctor, please tell me. It is almost two hours. Nobody is informing us about anything.” “Please ma’am. Let me examine her first. Kindly be patient.” Saying this, he went into the ICU. Revathi, Rajesh and Mrs. Vishwanathan went back to the chairs and sat […]